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A team of young people brought together by know-how, sea passion, yachting expertise and Sardinian origins. This aware generation’s target is to create, design, produce and sell an outstanding engine boat enriched with the silent smooth cruising of a sailing boat. Artisanship melt with technology, tradition carefully blended with innovation, a groundbreaking project built with full hands and heart.


In Sardinian language Luxi means light. Light is accurately taken advantage of, form Sardinian shining sun and from reflexions of sea water. Luxi is a daily cruiser completely built in Sardinia with eco friendly materials and hybrid propulsion from regular engine and/or solar power.

The first fast displacement hull of its kind on a 47 ft boat, electric sailing friendly. The boat gives its utmost performance with 15 knots speed cruise and a fuel consumption as low as 23 ltrs/hr.

Overall length 11,20 meters
Hull length 9,95 meters
Passengers 10
Class CE-B
Ciesel engines 170 to 250 HP
Electric engine 15 kw


24 meters of displacing Sardinian imprinting, embracing brightness and super yacht arrangements. Luxi 95 is a new wide body boat concept with a fast displacement hull, equipped with S.Y.T, Solar Yacht Technology, a system that gives power to boat propulsion and on board utilities through directed solar energy.