An hybrid-solar system, made of a compact combustion engine and an high-performance electric motor, both connected to the shaft, high-efficiency solar panels on the hard-top and a battery bank. This hybrid technology enables the propulsion and the on board utilities to work and is completely emission-free, allowing to boat to cruise also in marine protected areas, keeping the most beautiful boating spots in the same pristine conditions, without damaging the environment and enjoying the typical silence of a sailing boat.


Cantiere Savona designs and produces its technology in collaboration with the main Sardinian scientific institutions and with an international partner, the Mezzera studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


SYT is the most innovative solar technology system in the entire nautical market. Like the sunflowers, the solar cells adjust their direction according to the sun position, irrespective of the boat’s route and location, wind direction, water roll and pitch. The SYT system perfectly integrates in the boat design and suits any superyacht.

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